Our difference

Te Tupu Managed Moves has only been operating since August 2019, but we have already made positive differences for the students, whānau, schools and community we support.

As part of the Te Tupu Managed Moves prototype, the Ministry of Education commissions an evaluation each year to look at our effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Te Tupu Managed Moves: The story so far

August 2019 to January 2020
Springboard Trust

This evaluation report is available upon request

“Student-centred learning and wellbeing is the cornerstone of Te Tupu. Programme interventions were supported by an extensive bespoke and wraparound approach to student support, where stakeholders drawn from social and educational agencies worked collaboratively towards the same goals and positive outcomes for the student.

At the early stages of development, this evolving model for robust care and learning programmes was focused on positive and tailored interventions for the student. Learning at Te Tupu was not a substitute for the literacy and numeracy focus of school learning, rather, there was a stronger focus on belonging and identity, which was then complemented by literacy and numeracy.”

– Springboard Trust

Key themes

  • Students felt physically and psychologically safe and secure at Te Tupu
  • Students liked the learning at Te Tupu
  • Students learned to accept different behaviours at Te Tupu
  • Parents/whānau demonstrated an appreciation of Te Tupu
  • Schools had positive responses to student transitions from Te Tupu
  • School presence was consistent while the student is at Te Tupu