Who are we?

Damien Izzard

Te Tupu Managed Moves is led by Damien Izzard, our Te Tupu Coordinator. Damien is the first person you are likely to meet when you come to Te Tupu. He completes the enrolment process for our students, organises wraparound support with specialists as required, and ensures Te Tupu has everything it needs to function.


Kia ora. Ko Damien toku ingoa. Ko Izzard toku ingoa whanau. I am the proud coordinator of Te Tupu. I am an Englishman living in Napier and have been here for the last 5 years. I have been teaching for over 20 years with always a passion for the pastoral care of my students. I’m a keen sportsman who has played competitive rugby and football over the years and continues to compete at football and touch. 

My role at Te Tupu is a special one as the challenge to support some of our most vulnerable tamariki and their whānau is not one I take lightly. Being a firm believer that every child has the right to an education and a positive start in life, despite some of the barriers that exist for them, is something that motivates me each day within our environment. 

Viv Nicholas

Tena koutou katoa, my name is Viv Nicholas and I am the Teacher here at Te Tupu Managed Moves. I am a proud Hawke’s Bay girl and mum of two young adults. I have been teaching in Special Education in New Zealand and the United Kingdom for 25 years.

I love working with young people, as I strive to make a difference, in not only the life of the learner, but in their Hinengaro, Hauora and Whānau. I believe in celebrating my students’ learning by building on their successes and valuing their strengths.  A student’s self-esteem is invaluable and plays a significant role in their learning.

My passion is to travel and learn about new cultures, diversity, the needs of people, the journeys of an individual, and the background of where one comes from.  This is one of the reasons I chose to specialise in special education with 22 years experience, as I am a firm believer that all students have the right to a positive education no matter their own challenges and their own story.

Poipoia te kakano kia puawaiNurture the seed and it will blossom

Charisse Cardie

Kia Ora, my name is Char. I have been here at Te Tupu for 18 months now and have met many whānau during this time.

I come from a whānau-orientated background, where my tamariki are at the forefront of everything I do. They are the reason for my being. This love is transferred to anything I am truly passionate about, and I naturally want to help people and make everyone feel welcome.

I have 6 children, 5 here on Earth, and I draw pride from each and every success. This pride also extends to the kura they attend, as education is as important to me as the love one is shown. To gift knowledge, self-belief, self-worth and self-value, and to feel valued is also of great importance to me, and to know I treat others in such a way which deserves respect, is also a pinnacle for me. Everyone wants the best for those they love, and we all deserve just that.

I am excited for the opportunity to share any of these things, any advice that may be needed, any hugs that may be overdue, any laughs that indeed will be shared together, and offer a strong shoulder, with ears that hear, and the heart to respond.

Naz Paterson

Bio coming soon…

Our students

At any given time we have up to 12 students attending Te Tupu. The students are in years 3-8, so could be aged from age 7 up to age 13. Students tend to come to Te Tupu for an average of 10 weeks, but in reality could be with us for shorter or longer depending on their individual needs.